Create smart pools for your token, keep people in
Strong Holders Pools
Our sales team can help you on the way of choosing SHP plan for your token
Improve your
Project’s TVL
and churn rate
Add more value to your Project
Grow your TVL long term
Decrease churn, increase engagement
No more APR drop headache
Customize mechanics & gamify the process
Collaborate & promote your project
What is SHP and how it works
Strong Holders Pool is a smart staking solution that can be customized according to the needs of your company.
In our case, it helps us to prevent the Farm & Dump, which many projects and communities experience after farming campaigns. SHP was set as a tool to reward Holders at the expense of Flippers
* Source: Analysis of yield farming activity and similar products from Nansen.ai. Data: MasterChef, Alium Finance company data
Staking Pools vs SHP
Depending on the loyalty of your community, you add on average
$40 000 - $100 000
of locked value per one Strong Holder Pool
of SHP members hold tokens for over 2 months on average
of the members hold them for more than 6 months
Set up your SHP
Choose from various networks available on our platform
More upcoming
Fine tuning and marketing benefits
Set a Reward
Choose your reward for top SHP members, for example in the form of NFTs.
Receive organic users with us, or create a white label Smart Staking Pool for your own platform
Cross-Marketing Benefits
Collaborate with our team on marketing activities & events. Discover opportunities to grow your business
Create your Mechanics
You will be able to set up and customize mechanics for smart staking alternatives together with our team
Customize SHP for your Token
Smart Staking
Same as a classic staking pool with increased rewards for strong holders in the pool
Simple way to distribute tokens through an airdrop among pool members who will prefer to hold it
Yield farming with providing assets for selected pairs with high interest and no intention to leave
Your Idea
Not enough? Let’s bring your ideas and custom mechanics to life
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When members can leave the pool?
Members will be able to leave when the pool is fully formed. If they can’t leave that means there aren’t 100 people in the pool yet.
How rewards are distributed in SHP?
First 60 people out of 100 who leave the pool lose some of the tokens they had put into the pool. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that leaving members will be in huge loss - if people who stay in the pool after the leaving ones have way fewer tokens, for those who left the loss will be way less too.
What do I say to my community about the pool members with 1 token in the pool which won’t ever leave?
In that case the loss for leaving members wouldn’t be substantial even if they are leaving among first 60 users. For example, if member 'A' hold 100 tokens in the pool and there is a member 'B' with 1 token in the pool and member 'A' leave, he will lose only 1/100 of stake.
What’s that about NFTs as a reward?
Last participants of the pool might get one of the NFTs you can offer. It's an optional thing to do. For example if your product is P2E game, pool members will be glad to receive usable NFT card. However, we recommend to offer some NFT reward anyway since it make to stay last participants of the pool almost forever.
Can pool members add tokens to the pool which is already closed?
No. Pool members will be able to add tokens only to the new pool.
That's a start!
Wide spread and TVL grow
Advanced way to keep your members
Skyrocket your TVL and get worldwide attention